Teacher Grants

Fall 2019 Teacher Grants Awarded ($4251)

  • variety of chapter books for ESOL students, MD
  • flexible seating, MD and TJ
  • books for staff study/book group, JTP
  • Reading A-Z subscription, TJ
  • guided reading books on current topics, TJ
  • organization materials for student-designed classroom, TJ
  • sensory room materials, TJ
  • escape room style gaming platform, TJ
  • activity-based curriculum program for PE, MD
  • interactive book library, JTP

Spring 2018 Teacher Grants Awarded ($3,175)

  • Unit of Inquiry Aligned Books, TJ
  • STEM Dramatic Play Kits,  JTP
  • Diversity, Tolerance, Kindness Books, MD
  • VA Association of Librarians Conference, TJ
  • Flexible Seating, MD
  • Summer Institute of Leaders in Autism, JTP
  • Gymnastics Mats, TJ

Winter 2018 Teacher Grants Awarded ($5000)

  • Living and Learning Abroad, MD
  • Flexible Seating, MD
  • Shared Books for Kindergarten Team, MD
  • Junior Springboard for Gymnastics, TJ
  • Learning Without Tears, JTP
  • Butterfly Garden, TJ
  • NCTM Math Conference, TJ
  • Parent Resource Center, JTP

Fall 2017 Teacher Grants Awarded ($4,800)

  • Classroom Composting, MD
  • Math Versatiles, TJ
  • Multi-Purpose Pull-Down Screen, TJ
  • Musical Instrument Repair Kits, TJ
  • Reading and Writing Strategies, TJ
  • Ride-On Play Vehicles and Scooters, JTP
  • Spanish/ Bilingual Book Bags, JTP
  • Literature Circles, TJ
  • Building Capacity, Instructional Coaching, MD/JTP

Spring 2017 Teacher Grant Awarded ($3100)

  • Global Competency Certificate Continuing Teacher Education, TJ
  • Virginia Counseling Specialists Group-A-Rama,TJ
  • UVA Mindfulness for Teachers graduate course, MD
  • Applied Behavior Analysis including Positive Behavior Support, JTP
  • Foundations of Reading Instruction UVA courses (2), MD
  • Natl. Council for Teachers of English literacy, TJ
  • Childhood Apraxia/Speech training, JTP

Winter 2017 Teacher Grants Awarded ($4500)

  • Global Competency Certificate Continuing Teacher Education, TJ
  • Pioneer Valley Guided Reading Books MD
  • Classroom Library Guided Reading Books MD
  • Jan Richardson Guided Reading Books MD
  • Handwriting Without Tears Training & Materials, MD
  • Breakout EDU, TJ
  • VersaTiles Math manipulatives TJ
  • GoZen counseling resources, TJ
  • Advanced Elementary Spanish Readers TJ
  • ACE Support materials and Advanced Math Texts TJ
  • Professional Development books writing strategies, reading strategies, guided reading literacy, etc. TJ
  • North Skelton Dance Supplies TJ
  • WelNet, fitness tracking, video library, brain/body boost classroom resources, TJ

Fall 2016 Teacher Grants Awarded (total $5000)

  • Heavy Duty durable tricycles for Jessie Thackrey Preschool
  • Funding toward a new sound system at Thomas Jefferson
  • Jan Richardson Guided Reading training material for Mt. Daniel teachers
  • Lesson Pix training materials for Jessie Thackrey teachers
  • Versa Tiles math tiles for third grade students at Thomas Jefferson
  • Raz Kids reading program for Mt. Daniel K and 1st Grade students
  • 3 D Printing pens for all students at Thomas Jefferson Elementary

Winter 2016 Teacher Grants Awarded (totaling $3500)

  • “Holiday of Light Books for Classroom Libraries” (Robin Dickerson) at MD
  • “Your Brain on Puzzles” for Katrina Conrad’s preschool class at JTP
  • “Math/Tiger Pause Games” for Torey Fay’s 5th grade classes at TJ
  • “Recess is for Every BODY” for Nathan Greiner’s PE students at TJ
  • “Math Literacy Library” for Amanda Morey 2nd grade classes at TJ
  • “Proprioceptive Fun in Preschool” (Vicky Block) at JTP
  • “Multi-Disciplinary Organization” (Mary Manzione) at JTP
  • “Learning Through Touch: Sensory Bins” (Este Sherwin) at JTP
  • “TJ Robotics” for Nicholas Bajis’s STEAM students at TJ
  • “Visual in School for Special Education Population” (Mary Manzione) at MD/JTP
  • “Biblioteca móvil/Mobile library” for Ariel Enoch’s Spanish students at TJ

Fall 2015 Teacher Grants Awarded (totaling $5000):

  • “Classroom Green House” for Pattie Smith’s 2nd Grade Classroom at TJ
  • “Differentiated Hands on Math Centers” for Terry Mountain’s Kindergarten Classroom at MD
  • “Math Learning Centers for Differentiation and Problem Solving Practice” for Emilia Hosier’s 4th Grade Classroom at TJ
  • “Raz-Kids: A New Way to Read!” for Kindergarten (Jaclyn Harper) and 1st Grade (Emily Donovan) at MD
  • “Orton-Gillingham Training and Materials” for Brenna Merry at MD
  • “Outdoor Planting Beds” for TJ (Bob Palermo)
  • “Pioneer Valley Guided Reading Books” for Heather Van Gorder’s 1st Grade Classroom at MD
  • “Pragmatics with Elephant and Piggie” for Ms. Manzione’s preschoolers at JTP
  • “Recess Games” for Jackie Cunningham’s 2nd Grade Classroom at TJ
  • “Research, Review and Learn: Analytical and Critical Thinking” for Shelly Skomra’s 4th Grade Classroom at TJ
  • “Rolling Easel” for Gina Thacker’s 2nd Grade Classroom at TJ
  • “STEAM Breaks” for 1st Graders (Carolyn Sweterlitsch) at MD
  • “STEAM Tools” for 1st Graders (Scott Dougherty) at MD

Summer 2015 Teacher Grants Awarded (totaling $3000.00):

  • “Clear Chat Headsets for literacy and 21st Century projects” for Lisa Allan’s 4th Grade Classroom at TJ
  • “Growing Scientists of the Future” for Katrina Conrad’s preschoolers at JTP
  • “PYP Poetry Reading Event” for Miriam Schimmoller’s 2nd Grade Classroom at TJ
  • “Let’s Get Moving with Music” for Carolyn Sweterlitsch’s Music Classes at TJ
  • “VMath Live” for Diane Zang at TJ

Winter 2015 Teacher Grants Awarded (totaling $5,057.00):

  • “Math Literacy Library” for Lisa Allan’s 4th Grade Classroom at TJ ($250.00)
  • “Leveled Literacy Intervention, Choice Library – Red System” for all ESOL students, and SE students needing additional support in reading at TJ with Ms. Ernst, Ms. Kravinsky and Ms. Shaffie ($995.00)
  • “Read, Read, Read” for Ariel Enoch’s Spanish classes, also supporting ESOL students, at TJ ($40.00)
  • “STEaM Items for Classroom & Enrichment Classes” for Laura Dixon’s 2nd Grade Classroom at TJ, as well as TJ Scratch Club, and Technology Enrichment Club (starting Spring 2015) ($194.85)
  • “Ball Chairs for Classroom Seating” for Emily Donovan’s 1st Grade Classroom at MD ($445.00)
  • “Spanish Guided Reading Books for ELL Students” for Ann Beckman to use with all ESOL students at MD, and since Ann is the K-5 ESOL CIRT – she will also use materials with her colleagues at TJ ($115.00)
  • “Math Manipulative Library” for Jessie Thackrey Preschool students ($500.00) *most of the peg boards, and other instruments for learning, were damaged – missing pieces – from the moves between MD/trailers/North Cherry Street.
  • ‘Let’s Make a Lab!’ for Aileen Mavity’s 3rd Grade Classroom and STEaM instruction for all students at TJ ($250.00)
  • ‘TJ Tigers Travel!’ for all 3rd Grade students at TJ *a new idea from Aileen Mavity – to use a TJ Tiger as a sort-of ‘Flat Stanley’ where students can bring a TJ Tiger with them when they travel – and share cultures/experiences with their peers.
  • ‘Books on CD for Literacy Rotations’ for Nan Hof and Shey Wakeley’s Kindergarten Classroom at MD ($500.00)
  • ‘iPads in Motion’ for Julie Huber/PE Team at TJ for all students ($500.00)
  • ‘Headsets – Differentation and Extension for All Students’ for Diane Zang/Laura Dixon/Rob Carey/Enrichment Courses at TJ ($500.00)
  • ‘Die Cut Machine Shapes/Materials’ for Jessie Thackrey Preschool (*MEHMS donated a Die Cut Machine to JTP, and the FCEPTA has supplied the materials. Great team work! Our youngest students will have lobster shapes, puzzle pieces, etc to work on their fine motor skills. ($492.15)

Fall 2014 Teacher Grants Awarded (totaling $9,035.36):

  • “Raising and Reproducing/Painted Lady Butterflies” for 5th Grade Classrooms at TJ ($659.25)
  • “FitnessGram 10” for PE Students at TJ ($599.00)
  • “Outsmarting Germs” for Kindergarten and 1st Grade Classrooms at Mt. Daniel ($875.00)
  • “Letter and Word Work Fun!” for Jackie Harper’s Classroom at Mt. Daniel ($275.00)
  • “Maryland Science Center Traveling Science Shows” for 5th Grade Classrooms at TJ ($1,150.00)
  • “Listening Centers for Reading Workshop” for Motrya Manalac’s Classroom at TJ ($450.00)
  • “Literacy Achievement and Word Work” for Casey L’Etoile’s Classroom at Mt. Daniel ($215.00)
  • “Homework Club Games” for Ann Beckman’s K-1st Grade ESOL Students at Mt. Daniel ($65.00)
  • “Counseling Play Therapy Materials” for Carol Seaver and Allison Stokes – Counselors at TJ ($200.00)
  • “Literacy Centers” for Beth Chidester’s Classroom at Mt. Daniel ($192.08)
  •  “iPad Styluses” for Nan Hof/Shey Wakeley/Scott Daugherty’s Kindergarten Students at Mt. Daniel ($200.00)
  • “Literacy for Fluency” for Ariel Enoch’s 5th Grade Spanish Classes ($150.00)
  • “Tangible Play” for Este Sherwin, Occupational Therapist for Jessie Thackrey PreSchool and Mt. Daniel ($200.00)
  • “Teaching Language Arts, Reading and Writing Through Mentor Texts” for Corinne Wright at TJ ($454.54)
  • “Learning to Love Biographies and Autobiographies” for Christopher Barnes’ Classroom at TJ ($450.00)
  • “Read to Thrive!” for Carieann Quinn’s Classroom at TJ ($312.70)
  • “Literacy Achievement and Organization” for Kelly Marple’s Classroom at Mt. Daniel ($200.00)
  • “Adventure to Fitness” for Emily Donovan’s Classroom at Mt. Daniel ($99.99)
  • “Raz-Kids: A New Way to Read!” for 1st Grade Classrooms at Mt. Daniel ($849.50)
  • “ACE Explorations” for Beth Green’s Enrichment Programs at Mt. Daniel and TJ ($350.00)
  • “Use of Visuals in School” for Occupational Therapist & Special Education Teachers at Jessie Thackrey Preschool and Mt. Daniel ($324.00)
  • “Raz-Kids: A New Way to Read!” for all Kindergarten Classrooms at Mt. Daniel ($764.55)

Summer 2014 Teacher Grants Awarded (totaling $2,286.07) :

  • “Seven Continents Mobile Museum” for Aileen Mavity’s Classroom at TJ ($150.00)
  • “Reachable Library” for Aileen Mavity’s Classroom at TJ ($200.00)
  • “Math Manipulatives” for Jackie Cunningham’s Classroom at TJ ($267.88)
  • “Super-duper Writing” for Amanda Morey’s Classroom at TJ ($250.00)
  • “Jan Richardson Guided Reading” for Phyllis Kravinsky and Jillian Ernst – reading specialist at TJ, to be used by all students ($375.00)
  • “Mission Organization, Part 3” for Shelly Skomra at TJ (227.95)
  • “Headsets for Classroom” for Laura Dixon’s classroom at TJ (315.24)
  • “Above Ground Gardens” for Liz Germer and preschool teachers at Jessie Thackrey Preschool
    *promised funds, once school has opened in November ($500.00)