Student Virtual Trivia Night Events

Student Virtual Trivia Night Format

  • Students do not have to register prior to the event.
  • Login at 6:45 p.m. to ensure you do not have connectivity issues. 
  • Students play from their homes. 
  • Students will sign in and join their classroom team.
  • Friday, Nov. 5 (2nd & 3rd grade). Login
  • Saturday, Nov. 6 (4th & 5th grade). Login
  • Questions will be text-only, audio, or video and will have multiple choice answers submissions. 
  • Once the question is read, students will have: 20 seconds to answer.
  • Answers can be submitted via the computer or by using a mobile phone.
  • All students that submit the correct answer will receive points.
  • Correct answers are worth the same point value. An algorithm is used so classrooms with more participants do not have an advantage.