Student Trivia Tips and Login Instructions

Below are some tips for students to join in and have as much fun as possible!

Trivia Event Overview:

  1. Question delivery: The trivia event includes an emcee who will read the questions and multiple choice answers. Students will see the emcee, questions and answers via a Zoom meeting. 
  2. Answer submission: Students choose one of two ways to submit answers.
    1. [Recommended] Students use a second device (iPhone or iPad). The answers (and questions) are shown on this device as well. The set-up will be similar to the image at the right.
    2. Students can use the same laptop that is connected to the Zoom meeting. A second browser window will need to be opened to answer the questions. Both screens should be minimized so they can both be seen at one time.

Instructions to join Student Virtual Trivia Night:

  1. Use a home computer (not the FCCPS issued laptop) or mobile phone to see/hear the emcee via  Zoom meeting. 
    1. 2nd/3rd Grade Zoom meeting ID:
    2. 4th/5th Grade Zoom meeting ID: 
  1. Use a second device (iPhone/iPad) to submit answers.
    1. Properly configure your iPhone volume setting. 
      1. Go to the home screen.
      2. Swipe your finger from the top right toward the middle and this screen should appear. Adjust the volume button on the right so it is near full volume. 




    1. Go to an Internet browser and type:






    1. Enter the game code:
      1. 2nd / 3rd grade event game code is: 
      2. 4th / 5th grade event game code is: 





    1. The student types their first and last name.
    2. The student selects their team / classroom.
    3. The student selects “Go.”





  1. While playing, some questions use audio. Each time an audio question is asked, you will need to turn on the speaker which is on the left side of the screen (not the play button on top of the video). Once you select it, the speaker icon will turn green (on).





  1. You’re all set! Wait for the Student Virtual Trivia Night to begin. Have fun and good luck!
  2. If you’re having technical issues contact Dave at 313-378-1805.