President’s Notes

Welcome Back from Summer!

Dear FCCPS Friends,

I hope each an every one of you had a fun and relaxing summer. I hope you were able to enjoy time together as a family and sneak in a vacation or two.  Our own family was awed and inspired by whale watching off the coast of Canada, discovering paleontologists mapping dinosaur tracks in the Connecticut River valley, and by watching the sunset over the Great Muddy River in Missouri.  We have put many miles on the car and listened to some truly fabulous books on tape – check out The Hoboken Chicken Emergency or Caddie Woodlawn if you get a chance. Now we are ready to get into the groove of school – or at least we are trying!

We have so much to celebrate at the beginning of this school year, not the least of which are our amazing teachers and staff.  We should also celebrate the wonderful support we provide as members of the FCEPTA.  Not only does the FCEPTA give about $75,000 to our schools each year, we also provide countless hours of volunteer support.

So as the school year kicks off, please take the time to do the following:

  • Remember to join the FCEPTA on our website. It’s only $20 and should be renewed annually.
  • Remember to contribute to voluntary class funds. These will support class parties, teacher and staff gifts, Hippo Tiger Giraffe Games auction baskets and Staff Appreciation week.
  • Keep signing up to help through our weekly email blasts that come every Friday morning.
  • Check out one of the many events we have planned this year, starting with our Info Fair and Ice Cream Social on September 11th and Fall Social (parent date night!) on September 21st.

Lastly, this past spring many of you took a survey to help us know how we as the FCEPTA are doing.  We are taking your compliments and wish list to heart!  Please know you can always reach out to me or a member of our Board.  We are here to listen!


Katherine Secrist, FCEPTA President 2018-2019