The FCEPTA Mission

To make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children.

PTA To Do List:

Step 1: Join the FCEPTA!

The cost is $20 per family. If you’re not sure if you have joined, email our secretary: to determine your status.

Step 2: Pay Class Funds

A voluntary one-time financial contribution of $45 will cover the following expenses throughout the school year:

  • Two class celebrations
  • Teacher, paraprofessional, and support staff holiday gifts (December)
  • Hippo Tiger Giraffe (HTG) Games class contribution (May)
  • Staff Appreciation Week (May)

Step 3: Verify your Information in our new online directory.

Why did we go with a new online directory this year?

  • It’s environmentally friendly and less expensive than the printed directory.
  • Families can update their own information throughout the year.
  • Digital Backpack – Flyers will be sent to everyone’s email inbox whether you are a member or not. This helps us to lean green and keeps you updated on everything the PTA has to offer!
  • Room Parents can easily contact you regarding class activities in their Room Parent role on the Directory website.

Benefits of Joining the FCEPTA

  • You can help support over 200 teachers and staff and over 1,200 students!
  • Receive access to the 2020-21 Online Student Directory and app. The FCEPTA will no longer publish a physical directory.
  • Your donation dollars contribute to thousands of dollars of goods and services to our schools each year.  And countless hours of volunteer support.
  • You will be in good company of a network of about 600 FCEPTA members!
  • PTA meetings are a great way to learn more about the latest school initiatives.
  • Gain the opportunity to build relationships with other FCCPS parents; you support the schools and our amazing teachers; and you will have countless opportunities to volunteer in many different ways.

Thank you for your interest in Membership of the FCEPTA.  We look forward to working with you this year!

Join the FCEPTA!

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