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HTG Thanks!

Thanks to all of our volunteers in the aqua shirts!

Karen McGunagle, Brittany Sakata, Deborah Foster, Diane Zanetti, Alison Shearer, Susan Janec, Marisa Callan, Katherine Adams, Mariam Garriga, Carol Felderman, Deepti Narain, Heidi Banko, Jessie Labukas, Dawn Loper, Kimberly Nevitt, Erin Gill, Margaret Gore, Katie Niemi, Meghan Goldenberg, Jessica Jermakian, Regan Davis, Barbra Saaty, Archi Pyati, Jason Cubas, Komal Bazaz Smith, Inessa Kessman, Susi Brittain, Letty Hardi, Katie Rosenbusch, Ann Conanan, Katrina Wagner, Jill Patrone, Christine Buchholz, Elizabeth Meade, Stacy Stoller, Stacey Nahrwold, Jamie Bakeman, Lindsay DuVal, Zeynep Rees, Bita Akil, Liz Weatherly, Meaghan O’ Keefe, Christine Stillwagoner, Bethany Henderson, Suzanne Hladky, Beth Hahn, Ann Hill, Jocelyn Potts, Kasey Flanagan, Jessica Salmoiraghi, Shannon Litton, Jessica Scheer, Tazim Mawji, Sara Wittmer, Megan Velez


And thanks to our MEH Volunteers!

Thomas Downs, Sam Mostow, Nate Kusic, Annie Moore, Maeve Dodge, Coral Rankin, Henry Hladky, Dakota Loomis, Tobias Senderowitsch, Jax Reitmeyer Mia Cheney, Katherine Litton, Eva Wiliams, Mia Mayer, Emma Mitchell


Let’s Not Forget the Teachers and Staff!  Thank You!


Dorothy Baden-Mayer, Sara Baygents, Ann Beckman, Anna Cooper, Emily Donovan, Jeremy Ferrara, Mila Fesler, Meg Flajser, Jan Garrett, Rachel Hamberger, Jackie Harper, Katie Heeter, Nan Hof, Kate Mahr, Mary Manzione, Macy McCabe, Laura McNamara, Brenna Merry, Joe Muskett, Naila Nasim, Eboni Pasley, Nora Pishner, Nora Rosenberger, Dave Sikora, Kim Tanner, Shey Wakeley, Haley Wingfield,


Ron Avila, Christopher Barnes, Sarah Berline, Gail Bodner, Emily Caldwell, Rob Carey, Jackie Cunningham, Julie Custer, Brooke Davis, Saundra Deltac, Annie Dixon, Torey Fay, Alissa Hamby, Katie Hicks,  Ryan Holland, Maria Jablonowski, Brittany Kawa, Debbie Liang, Layton McCann, Daniel McGuigan, Kristine Miller, Lisa Mueller, Caroline Peterson, Paul Swanson, Gina Thacker, Scarlett Williams, Matt Weimeister, Joanne Woods


Back to School Supply Kits! Order Today!

Order by July 17: 

2018/2019 Back to School Supplies Kits

 Don’t brave the crowds and be disappointed by finding sold out school supplies. This year save precious time spent driving from store-to-store and instead have your child’s school supplies shipped directly to school before the first day! 

  • Every kit includes all the exact teacher requested supplies
  • Select the appropriate grade pack and be sure to choose next year’s grade level
  • Pay with a debit or credit card, then you’ll receive an email confirmation when your purchase is complete

Want to Contribute Supplies to a Fellow Classmate in Need?

There Are Two Ways to Help:

  • Choose to contribute $5, $10, $25, $50 (or more!) toward school supply kits on the Sprout website. These options can be viewed below the school supplies kit options.
  • Purchase an entire kit for a student in need. Simply add the school supplies kit to your cart, write “Scholarship Kit” for the name, and the FCEPTA will deliver it to a fellow student.

 Don’t delay; place your order today! 

Code: FCCPS001

 Your kit will be delivered directly to your student’s school in August! Questions? Contact Sprout at or call 571-403-0899.